Posted by: essbee | September 5, 2011

First week of masters

So my first week started this week. It’s really fun so far. I’ve been introducing myself as well as taking a look round the forums available and so on. Managed to get through the activities in Topic 1 and Topic 2 already, just Topic 3 to go for this week.

Really liking it so far, the people seem really friendly, and I love the way that Open University have laid out the course.

Do need to crack on with my DSA forms and so on though…

Posted by: essbee | July 31, 2011

Masters Update

Was sitting here feeling rather bored and trying to work out the best thing to do with my evening when I realised that despite re-starting this blog, I had yet to make a post. So I’m making one now. Nothing much, just an update on how applying for my masters is going.

I received the paperwork for the formal application in the post last week. Sent the filled application back on the Friday and now I’m waiting with bated breath to see if I have got onto the Masters. The first module I’m planning to do is the H810 – Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students. I’m really excited and quite nervous as it’ll be hard to balance work and study.

I also finally received the form for my career development loan so I can actually undertake this masters. Sent that back today as well, and hopefully they’ll let me have the loan so I can afford to do this, otherwise I’m a little screwed.

Final thing on my to-do list is to sort out all the disability related information for them. I don’t know what I’ll need but I’ll send my previous needs assessment and we’ll see I suppose.

So I guess this is my first Masters related post. Hopefully more to come in the next few months, and hopefully the next will be confirmation of an acceptance onto the Masters or acceptance of my loan!